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We are a SERIOUS dog-loving bunch! Check out the staff bios section to read about our cool team. Centrally located near the border of Webster, Brentwood, and Maplewood, we are locally owned and operated. We are a Missouri Department of Agriculture licensed Animal Care Facility. We fulfill all MODA requirements, which include regular vaccination confirmation and a registered program of veterinary care. All our dog play managers are professionally trained to discourage unwanted behaviors and reinforce the positive behaviors that lead to a healthy playgroup experience. Come on in and check us out!

Our Mission

To be your dog's home away from home! We provide a fun, safe, and spacious environment where your dog can be a dog and have an awesome day of off-leash social play. Anxiety and stress are left at the door – it's a new day for dogs in St. Louis!

Our Benefits

During our FREE orientation process, all our new play buddies get individual attention from our staff of professional caregivers. We determine where he or she best fits into our various playgroups. We do not breed discriminate; we visit with each dog to determine their social skills and play preferences.

  • Separate playgroups mean your dog is in the right group for him or her – they are not bullied by a dominant pack! Small breeds are not mixed with large breeds.
  • Our spacious climate controlled facilities inside and our outdoor play area provide your dog with a comfortable environment to relax and play while not stressing all day about protecting their space.
  • Secure 8 foot exterior fencing ensures even the craftiest escape artist will not succeed. Although after one visit, your dog will not want to leave!
  • No reservations required for daycare – We know you can't always plan ahead, no worries! We have space and staff to accommodate our registered customers. Capacity planning means we have room for you to board, too.
  • Fair and simple pricing – We do not charge extra for playtime!
  • At pickup time, your dog is pleasantly pooped from plenty of exercise and social activity. Everyone can go home and relax!


  • William H.

    “The staff at BauserHaus excels, in my opinion. The staff is pleasant and friendly. My dogs continue to react with enthusiasm anytime I let them out of the truck and they see where we have arrived. The wife and I love dropping the boys off on the weekend if we have a party planned for the day. My dogs love this place and always come home exhausted!”

  • Raya K.

    “First and foremost, you can tell the staff genuinely care about the dogs. They greet my baby girl like they are sincerely happy she is there! Secondly, the facility itself is well maintained and tastefully designed. Originally I had chosen this particular doggie day care because of the great reviews and recommendations from some folks at the dog park and because of its close proximity to my home and work. However, now I wouldn't consider taking her anywhere else.”

  • Ryan S.

    “BauserHaus has a great, spacious play area for our dogs and a very attentive, friendly, and accommodating staff. Each time we've gone to pick them up, we can tell they've had a blast just by how happy they seem to be coming out of the play area. Our dogs are both normally energetic and a little rambunctious, but they both are worn out and ready to take a nap once we get home after a day at BauserHaus. We look forward to many more visits :)”

  • Emily W.

    “I love BauserHaus. My dog, Vince, nearly faints with excitement when I tell him, "We're going to daycare!" The folks at BauserHaus take great care of him, and judging by how he falls asleep in the car on the way home, it's clear he plays all day long. The 5-day daycare package for $99 is an awesome deal.”

  • Angela W.

    “My 2 year old Pekingese, Maximus, loves to go to BauserHaus. Every time he's dropped off, he runs to the staff like they're his second family! As a busy physician, Bauserhaus has always been very flexible with scheduling. They have a clean, playful, and "dog-centric" environment that makes me feel at ease with leaving my dog there while I'm at work.”

our Team


Natalie Smith


A native St. Louisan, Natalie grew up in Kirkwood and attended the University of Colorado, where she studied learning theory and ethology, graduating with a B.A. in Psychology. She has a graduate degree in business from the University of Chicago and has worked for 20 years in the professional services industry. She lived for many years in Boulder and after moving back to St. Louis, she was surprised to find a lack of daycare services for dogs in the area and hoped to one day open her own dog business. BauserHaus was officially opened in January 2011. Natalie has been a St. Louis City resident since 2002 and currently divides her time between several professional and personal pursuits, all involving awesome dogs!


Skyler F.

Playgroup Manager

Skyler started his professional career at BauserHaus at the beginning of 2014 and currently has the most direct dog playgroup management training and experience on the team. Working with BauserHaus Owner Natalie, he developed a sense of appropriate dog play behavior and management. Everyone who has worked with him agrees he has a special way with the dogs. He is able to calm them and influence their behavior with his own body language – sometimes just a look from Skyler can redirect a dog’s action. Skyler knows all of our dogs by name, and they know him as the respected pack leader, providing them with a sense of security and enabling them to have a carefree day of play.


Matt B.

Dog Play Manager

Matt worked at a number of dog rescues and shelters around the country before his family settled in Brentwood. He graduated from Brentwood High School and is a current Brentwood resident. He has worked alongside Matt at BauserHaus as a dog play manager since 2012. He knows all of our client dogs and they know him, helping to provide a stable, secure environment for the dogs to play together safely.


Lauren O.

Veterinary Technician

One of the leaders of our pack, Lauren earned a degree in Veterinary Technology from Hickey College. She worked as a Veterinary Technician at the Humane Society of Missouri for over three years, where she had all responsibilities relating to the care of animals. She joined BauserHaus in 2013 and currently can fulfill all dog caretaking and human customer service roles, in addition to her role at home as mom to two little girls and a Rottweiler puppy.


Angie M.

Small Dog Wrangler

Angie started her career with animals at BauserHaus in the spring of 2011 and is our dedicated little dog wrangler. BauserHaus is the only dog daycare in the metro area with a separate dedicated little dog play area, allowing the wee ones to feel safe and free to play. No underdogs here!


Nicole S.

Veterinary Technician

Nicole has also earned a degree in Veterinary Technology from Brown Mackie College. She works full time in all roles at BauserHaus including daycare, boarding and customer care responsibilities. Her consistently positive attitude and ready smile are great assets to the BauserHaus team!


Jennifer R.

Small Dog Wrangler

With a Vet Tech degree from Brown Mackie College, Jennifer was well prepared when she joined Angie to work as our second dedicated little dog wrangler. She LOVES the little dogs, and they LOVE her!



Top Dog

Otto was adopted by Natalie from the APA at the beginning of 2011. Otto is emotionally mature and is also highly skilled in dog communication, using both calming signals and referee behavior while helping Natalie to determine the social skills of potential new clients during initial assessments. He is also unofficial lobby greeter, especially if you have a treat.

Team's Skills

Professional Care


Playing & Socializing


Taking Naps


Walking Cats


our Services

Our Pricing Philosophy

We strive to keep it simple! We do not have additional fees for each item you need. Playtime, feedings, and administrating medication are all included in one simple price (So you don't wind up with a much larger bill than you expected). We do not have cutoff times during the day leading to an additional day's charge. And YES, we are open on Sunday for pickups!

Please Note: All dogs must complete a free Orientation Day before any daycare and/or boarding services can be provided, so plan ahead if Orientation is needed prior to a busy holiday.
After 8:30pm a daycare dog that is not picked up moves to boarding.

For safety reasons, we regret that we cannot accept dogs into the playgroups that have not been spayed/neutered or puppies under six months of age. But remember, six months is the perfect time to be socializing, so come on in after puppy class graduation!

Daycare Rates

No reservations required! Monday thru Friday: drop offs begin at 7am, pickup by 7pm & Saturday: 9am to 4pm Early drop off and late pickup by appointment only.

  • Single Day: $28
  • Hourly Rate: $6
  • Popular Daycare Packages:

    5 days $110 (No expiration)
    10 days $200 (No expiration)

Boarding Rates

Boarding includes daycare – open playtime all day. Reservations are required. Prices and requirements may change during holiday seasons.

  • Single Night: $48
  • 2nd Dog (Same household): $37

Grooming Rates

  • Exit baths/brushes: $20 - $40 (Ask for a quote! Includes a nail trim)
  • Nail trim only: $15


If possible, please print out and complete these documents and bring them with you to your initial orientation. Thanks!

Client Information Form Liability Waiver


What services are provided at BauserHaus?

  • We welcome dogs for daycare Monday through Saturday and for boarding 7 days a week.
  • Daycare consists of supervised playtime from your dog’s arrival to departure!

What if my dog has never been to BauserHaus before?

  • Please call (314) 961-3911 to schedule a free orientation on any weekday.
  • Upon arrival, please bring proof of vaccinations for Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella.
  • If at all possible, please print and complete the info sheet and waiver in the above Forms section and bring these with you for your first visit.

Are reservations required?

  • Reservations are only required for boarding.
  • Drop in anytime (Monday - Saturday) for daycare!

How does the initial orientation work? Why do I need to complete this registration?

  • If you are a new customer, please let us know in advance if you are coming in for orientation. If you need to reschedule- no problem!
  • We value safety. All dogs must complete a free orientation day to ensure they are able to socialize with other dogs.
  • Orientation starts in the morning and can last anywhere from a few hours to a full day- whatever is convenient for you (7AM – 7PM).
  • Once completed, he or she is free to come anytime for daycare and boarding!

Can a dog that is not social and not able to be with other dogs due to aggression come to BauserHaus?

  • No. Although we love all dogs, we usually don’t have accommodations for dogs that can’t participate in the dog playgroups.
  • An exception to this rule is sometimes made for geriatric dog siblings and other special situations. Please call us for advice if you have a special dog.

How does boarding work at BauserHaus?

  • Say goodbye to extra fees, charges, and “surprise” bills. At BauserHaus, you pay one, all-inclusive price- you just bring in your dog’s favorite foods!
  • A typical doggy day: yummy breakfast, indoor and outdoor playtime all day long, naptime (if you’d like), and dinner. Just let us know if you have special meal or medication requests!
  • All daycare dogs are picked up by 7 p.m. and the boarded dogs remain out until the last potty at 9 p.m., when everybody goes to bed.

What types of boarding enclosures do you have?

  • We have accommodations for both non-crate trained and crate-trained dogs.
  • Non-crate trained dogs sleep comfortably in their own 5x5 and 5x10 foot enclosures.
  • Crate-trained dogs will be provided with their own small, medium, large or giant breed sized crate with their own blanket and water bowl.

How do the boarding charges work?

  • We charge by the dog, not by the enclosure.
  • The boarding price is nightly - we do not have cutoff times during the day. Dogs can be dropped off anytime after opening and picked up anytime before closing.

What should I bring with my dog for boarding?

  • At a minimum, you will need to bring your dog's regular daily diet.
  • There is a $5/day convenience charge for feeding house food.
  • Although we have blankets for each dog, you are welcome to bring items such as bedding or favorite toys.

How does feeding work?

  • The dogs are each fed separately in their enclosure.
  • Your dog will be fed only the food you bring in, unless determined otherwise.
  • If for some reason your dog is not eating, we will take extra time to sit with them and do some food coaxing to attempt to get them to eat, as needed.

Do you provide grooming for daycare and boarding dogs?

  • We have exit bath and brush services available for purchase for daycare and boarding dogs.
  • Nail trims are also available - they are included with the purchase of a bath or they can be purchased separately.

Do you charge for feeding daycare dogs lunches?

  • No, you are more than welcome to bring in any food you’d like your dog to enjoy at lunchtime and throughout the day.

Are the big dogs and little dogs together? Or do you keep them in separate areas?

  • Dogs are separated by size, energy levels, and temperament.
  • We have dedicated staff responsible for each playgroup.

Do you administer medication to dogs that need it?

  • Yes, we have a number of trained veterinary technicians on staff who are well qualified to administer medications free of charge.

Do the dogs ever get to go outside?

  • Yes. We have large overhead doors that we open up for running and playing inside and outside throughout the day.
  • During inclement weather we usually go outside with the groups for potty about once per hour.

How often do the dogs get water?

  • Multiple large water bowls are provided in the play area and refreshed on an hourly basis.
  • Individual water bowls are provided in each boarding enclosure.

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